WildFire is the East Coast's premier spinning and fire arts training camp. Our mission is to spread the spinning arts and build community among spinning artists.

Come spread the spark at WildFire in 2016!

Spring WildFire: May 27th - 30th
Summer WildFire: August 19th - 22nd
Fall WildFire: October 7th - 10th

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Each of our three yearly events offers a diverse selection of over 100 classes on poi, hoop, dance, teaching, safety, business, performance, drumming... and so much more. Situated on a picturesque CT campground, you will enjoy this "camping" style retreat, where all meals and hot showers are provided. WildFire is the perfect spot for you to share, grow, discover, and learn with our spinning and fire arts community.

With a "participation-based" philosophy, this event is not open to the public or non-spinning artist, though beginners are very welcome.

Each gathering begins on Friday afternoon, at 3pm and last through Monday, at 2pm. Tickets are $130 with 250 tickets available to the public (300 total). This price includes all classes, your own safety blanket, hot showers, your gift of volunteering some time to allow the price to stay this low, and tents/cabins with mattresses in them if needed. Three great meals a day are also provided, with vegan/vegetarian and allergy-sensitive options available!

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