WildFire Policies

Please also take a look at our Fire Safety Policies.

Limited Tickets Request
WildFire has a limited number of tickets and often has a wait list of over 200 people. Please consider that if by bringing a child, you or the child will be using a ticket and not able/interested in attending classes, someone who wants to attend those classes will be sitting home without a ticket.

Age policy for waivers and ticket purchasing
WildFire would like to support all interested people that would like to learn the spinning arts, regardless of age. The below policies are meant to support and respect all attendees' learning opportunities and safety, and guarantee that WildFire can continue long into the future.

Key Points
1. Age requirements will be assessed upon arrival
2. A “child” or "minor" is anyone under the age of 18
3. Tickets are required for children ages 5 and above
4. All attendees under the age of 18 must be supervised by a parent or legal guardian (reference “Definition of Terms” later in this document) at all times

Parent/Guardian (reference Definition of Terms) Supervision
Attendees under the age of 18 must be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian.
Parents/legal guardians are responsible for making sure their children are supervised at ALL times. A parent may get approval from another to look after their children, but the parent must still be on site at all times. Please be considerate -a person’s attendance does not mean that they want to look after attending children.
If a child is found without supervision at any time the parent/legal guardian will receive one warning. If a child is found almost getting hurt or in dangerous situation or a second time without supervision at all, the parent/legal guardian may either receive a warning or (more likely) be asked to leave the event. No refund of any kind will be given, and the General Manager may choose to have the group monitored by an agent of the event until they leave.

Attendees should make an organizer aware of an unsupervised child immediately. If the child is in a dangerous situation, (if possible) bring the child with them to an event representative (for the safety and well being of everyone).

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You are required to sign a waiver for your child/legal ward prior to being allowed in. The waiver will state* that:
~You are the parent or legal guardian of the child,
~that you are waiving all rights of yourself and the child to seek legal retribution for any activities that happen at WildFire if they are injured or otherwise harmed in any way,
~that you will monitor and approve all actions the child is doing as being safe and appropriate, and
~ that the full responsibility of those decisions is yours and yours alone.
*We reserve the right to change the contents of the waiver before your arrival without notice.

Interpersonal Conduct
At WildFire, we strive to foster a community of safety and respect. In order to maintain that, we reserve the right to deny attendance to any person for any duration, at the discretion of the Executive Director. Please notify the Executive Director or Safety Ombudsman of any behavior which may make you feel unsafe.

Adult Content
WildFire is not an explicitly sexual environment. Activities that may take place do include general nudity, adult language, adult subject matter, fire breathing, whip cracking, etc. Please be aware that attendees may or may not be aware that your child is in earshot and may not filter their behavior to child friendly levels. No attendee will be asked to censor themselves due to the presence of a minor. While we all try to be respectful of who is around us, your child may be exposed to adult content. Please also keep in mind just as you might be uncomfortable exposing your minor/child to some aspects of WF culture, some attendees may be uncomfortable being themselves around your child. It is your decision to have your child in this environment, which although loving, caring and accepting may not always be child appropriate by some standards.

Other Things To Be Aware Of
1. We have an open lake that is swim at your own risk - NO LIFEGUARDS
2. The first aid organizer is NOT an EMT or doctor - they are there to help with very basic first aid stuff, like getting you ice and ace bandages, not to make medical diagnoses or decisions
3. We are surrounded by woods, with ticks, and there are no gates/fences
4. The Performance Class is generally rated PG-13, but may have coarse language and adult subject content

Definition of Terms
The word “guardian” is referred to herein as a person who has been appointed by a judge to take care of a minor child (called a "ward") or incompetent adult personally and/or manage that person's affairs.

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WildFire Ticket Policy

All tickets are final sale; WildFire does not offer refunds.

If a person wishes to sell a ticket, they have two options: sell it to the wait list, or by direct sale. Wildfire operates a wait list if there is enough demand for a ticket for an event.

The wait list allows people to request to purchase up to two tickets at a time. If the website assigns you a waitlist ticket, you'll have 48 hours to purchase it before it is moved to the next person. If you miss this window, you’ll need to sign yourself on to the waitlist again. As the event date gets closer, time window gets smaller in order to maximize the community's opportunity to purchase waitlist tickets. The opportunity to sell a ticket to the waitlist only appears only until 48 hours before the event.

If a ticket is sold through the waitlist (meaning when someone buys it, not when you put it up for sale), the original purchaser will get a refund in 1 to 2 weeks. This is due to the credit card processor and bank systems; there is nothing WildFire can do to speed this up. Note: a ticket may cycle through multiple buyers before someone purchases it. Organizers cannot predict when a ticket will find a buyer.

We encourage anyone looking to get rid of a ticket to sell through the wait list first. It’s secure and it is most fair to those waiting in line.

"Transfer" is when a seller finds a buyer directly, negotiates payment method, and transfers the ticket to the buyer themselves. That means YOU are responsible for all the money stuff and transferring the ticket to the correct account.

Scalping of WF tickets (selling for more than the original price) will not be tolerated. WF Organizers will consider any instance of scalping to be a formal declaration of forfeiture of all tickets currently possessed by the scalper. All tickets will be removed from the scalper's account, without refund, and will permanently close the scalper's account.

Fellowship tickets (discounted) cannot be sold or transferred. If a discounted ticket has been awarded and purchased to someone and they are unable to attend, they can place their ticket on the waitlist for resale or contact the GMs about other alternatives. If it sells through the waitlist, the new purchaser will pay full price and the original buyer will get back the amount they originally paid.

By attending this event, you state that you have been or would be medically cleared by a doctor to participate in the activities that happen at the event. If you appear to need medical attention beyond what the WildFire management team decides you are able to receive at the event, you will be required to leave the event.

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If there are extenuating circumstances please email info@wildfireretreat.com. The WildFire team strives to be considerate and understanding of the community’s needs, though we are not able to accommodate all requests.

WildFire is created by all 300 of us pitching in! This is a community-driven event, and we all do our part to make it happen. The ticket price is this low because we do all the work; by buying a ticket, you agree to put in 4-6 hours of volunteering at the event. Sign up to volunteer prior to the event through your WildFire website account.

Community and Sharing
WildFire is a community, ad-hocracy, and do-ocracy event. Respect is fundamental to this community. Please respect yourself, other participants, our hosts (JN Webster) and the campground. While we are here to learn and grow our skills as performing artists, we are also here to meet and rediscover those that share these same passions. If you see equipment that you want to check out, ask! Chances are someone will be happy to help and share. Participants can be held liable for endangering or injuring other participants or their property. We do have a "Shared Toy Rack", that you can try out items from or lend things to the community for other folks to play with. If you pick up something from the shared rack, return it as soon as you are finished playing with it.

Respectful conflict resolution is an essential aspect of a strong community. If you disagree with what someone is doing, maintain an assumption that they have positive intent as you do your best to suggest a different behavior or point out circumstances which they may have missed. More than likely, if they've made a poor decision (e.g. walking between a safety and a spinner) they probably just didn't see something (the safety, in the example) because they were new or very excited about their own actions (which could be a first burn!). Keeping a cool head when you disagree with someone else's actions will help the entire community.

Lyme Disease Notice
Connecticut is home to many wonders of nature, including the deer tick, which is a vector for Lyme disease.
Ticks are most active in May, June, and July, so spring WF attendees need to be particularly vigilant. Long pants and long sleeves can help protect you. Tucking pants into boots and shirts into pants will keep ticks from getting to your skin. Light colored clothes make it easier to detect ticks. Insect repellent with 20-30% DEET can be used on clothing and on exposed skin to help prevent tick bites. Permethrin is another repellent recommended by the CDC. This stuff kills ticks on contact. Apply it to pants, shoes, and socks, but NOT to bare skin. One application to clothing will last through several washings. After being out, especially in or near tall grass or bushes, give yourself a thorough tick check. Better yet, ask someone else to go over your bare skin carefully for a tick If you find a tick on your skin, remove it ASAP with fine tweezers. Grasp the head near your skin, and pull with a slow steady motion. Don't crush the body, and don't use matches, vaseline, nail polish, etc. Just pull the body out. If the mouthparts stay in your skin, it does not matter. If a tick stays on you for less than 24 hours, it's highly unlikely that you will get Lyme disease, even if the tick was a carrier. Watch for a circular spreading rash in the 3-30 days following a tick bite, or for "flu-like" symptoms (fever, muscle and joint aches, hadaches, fatigue, swollen lymph nodes). If these occur, see your doctor, inform them that you’ve had a tick bite (or possible tick bite) and that you would like to be tested for Lyme disease. A simple course of antibiotics clears up Lyme disease in the early stages very quickly but if left untreated can have severe complications.

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Music, Drumming and Night Noise
While we are in a designated area of the overall campsite, out of respect for other campers and our own participants (some get up to cook us breakfast at 6am and classes start at 9:30), we will be turning off the music at 1am and have a complete quiet time starting at 2am every night. It is highly advised to bring ear plugs to assist in sleeping. The night time burn field/music starts at 8:30pm-ish. DJs will provide music for the night time fire spinning. We attempt to incorporate multiple types, styles and genres of music throughout the weekend If you are interested in specific music, please email (dj@wildfireretreat.com).

Absolutely no pets are allowed on premises. Service Animals, as defined by the Americans with Disabilities Act, are allowed. To avoid possible conflict on site, we'd appreciate a heads-up at info@WildFireRetreat.com!

No Alcohol - No Drugs
Wildfire wants you to be safe and clear headed when you’re playing with fire. Alcohol and drugs (including marijuana) are not allowed by the camp grounds and WildFire embraces this policy. Sober fire performance is safe fire performance! Anyone found possessing or under the influence of alcohol or drugs will be asked to leave. Please do not discount this warning.

Medical Marijuana
Wildfire takes no position on the question of medical marijuana and we thank you for helping us to avoid controversy or legal problems. Medical marijuana is prohibited by the camp grounds and Wildfire must comply. If you have a prescription for medical marijuana please leave the grounds to take doses.

Sober Meditation Group
Wildfire is safe place for people who have chosen sobriety/recovery in their lives. A small sober meditation group meets once during the weekend in the beautiful lakeside chapel. The time is announced during the weekend and everyone is welcome. Respect for anonymity is requested at the sober meditation.


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First Aid
We DO NOT have EMTs or any other on-duty medical professionals. There's a first aid volunteer and table at the event, meant as a resource to assist in case of an accident. The first aid volunteer will not diagnose medical conditions, but will help with basic first aid, help you decide if further medical assistance is needed, and arrange for non-emergent transportation to the nearest hospital if you so choose (911 will always be called for emergencies). Please bring medical insurance and emergency contact info with you in case it is needed. As per your event waiver, you attend and participate in WF at your own risk.
Remember to bring enough of your prescribed medications to last through the event. If you have severe food allergies, please note that food is prepared in a communal kitchen - we cannot guarantee that none of your allergen will be present. If you have a serious medical condition which might affect your well-being during the event, please consider alerting the first aid organizer upon arrival so the information is available in case of emergency. Medical info is regarded as strictly confidential.

Fire Rules
No campsite or other non-event designated fires are allowed – even in pre-created fire pits at the camping area. All fire practice/performing should take place in the designated areas only. It is each individual's responsibility to have a trained fire safety monitoring any lit practice (this is strictly enforced). Bring as much fuel as you think you will use; it will enter into a “community fuel dump.” Fireworks or explosives of any kind are prohibited.

Swimming in the lake is strictly AT YOUR OWN RISK. There is NO LIFEGUARD during WildFire. Please be respectful of the camp’s equipment (docks, diving board, etc) and exercise caution at all times.

Nudity is not encouraged or discouraged at this retreat. In the interest of respect, be aware that some participants are not comfortable with nudity and may be discouraged from attending if they will be constantly exposed to nudity. Be respectful and considerate - don't sit on chair/benches/tables nude, don't go to classes nude, and respect people's personal space (whether you or they are the nude person!).

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Leave No Trace
We have a great relationship with our camp site owners and ask that you continue our tradition of leaving it even better than when you arrived! ALL trash must be packed out or deposited in the dumpsters. Throughout the event, take a moment to pick up stuff as you go. If we all do this, it will be MUCH easier on the volunteers that stay after and clean the entire place after us.

When to Arrive, When to Leave
Unless you are signed up as a setup volunteer, vendor, or have some special pre-approved circumstance, you should arrive after 3pm on Friday. Unless you are signed up as a cleanup volunteer, you'll need to leave by 2:00 PM on Monday.

Vending is allowed by WildFire selected vendors only. Please contact vendors@wildfireretreat.com if you would like to vend at this event. There is also no promotion of other events allowed without permission.

Illegal Activities
WildFire and its associated agents do not condone or permit ANY illegal activities.

There are *real* bathrooms and showers available to everyone. Please keep showers brief; hot water is in limited supply! Please do not leave personal items in the showers. All facilities are unisex during WildFire Retreat, even if marked otherwise. Swimming in the lake is allowed, however bathing is not. Please don't use soap, shampoos or other body cleansing products in the lake; it is harmful to the lake environment.

Meals are provided as a part of your ticket! We provide a variety of foods at each meal to accommodate many of lifestyles/diets (and they are known to be VERY tasty!). Meals are prepped by your attendees during volunteer shifts (one of he most fun shifts at camp!). While we attempt to make food as allergen free as possible we cannot guarantee that all allergens are accounted for (please see "First Aid" above). Food is served buffet style with labels indicating ingredients/common allergens, but cross contamination is possible. If you have a question about a food item please ask the Kitchen Organizer or Manager directly.

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Inclement Weather
Expect at least some rain at WildFire! It happens for at least a little while at most retreats. We usually move outside classes indoors or under tents, but expect to be outside in the midst of whatever may come. Also, being in the Northeast means it can be chilly or outright cold, especially in the spring and fall. Many people say it got colder than they expected. ALWAYS pack for cold and rain, but don’t forget your comfy clothes for when you get to sweating in your sunny classes.

Vehicles and Parking
Weather permitting, you will be able to drive close enough to your camping spot for easy unloading (you cannot drive into camp sites that are in the woods). When you arrive, there will be signs directing you to a greeter’s area where you will check in. You will then be directed where to drop off your gear and then where to park. DO NOT move your stuff onto your camping site, set up your site or anything else until your car is parked in the main parking lot as directed. Please move your vehicle as soon as your gear is out of it. There will be a designated area for those that are car camping. Once your vehicle is parked, it must stay there until you leave the event. You can not drive it out and re-enter.

Photography and Video

Participant Guidelines
1) Individuals retain legal rights to use their images, and the use of any media for commercial purposes is strictly forbidden without the express written permission of WildFire agents, as well as any subjects of the photographs and/or video.
2) Photographers may not photograph anyone who requests not to be photographed, and must destroy any existing images at the subject's request, even if prior consent had been granted.
3) It is prohibited to take pictures in a camp or of a person that has posted a "No Photos" sign.
4) Your attendance at WildFire grants consent for any picture or movie to be taken of you to be used by WildFire or its parent organization (“The Spinning Arts Foundation”). If you wish for this to be withdrawn, please inform any photographers present and an agent of WildFire.
NOTE: Caveat: Despite the WildFire photography/videography policy, each participant must understand that she or he is ultimately responsible for their own actions. Let the naked reveler be wary!!! WildFire and/or its agents are not responsible if a photo of you appears in public.

Photographers/Videographers Guidelines:
1) It is expected that photographers/videographers be open about their activities. If someone is seen trying to hide that they are taking pictures, malicious intent will be assumed. Organizers may choose to alert authorities and you may be asked to leave the event - no refund will be given.
2) It is expected that photographers/videographers obtain permission for pictures that are taken of individuals for any reason. Permission is ideally obtained beforehand. However, if a great shot presents itself, a photographer may choose to shoot first, and ask permission after. He/she is still obligated to erase the picture if the subject asks.
3) Photographers/videographers may take a picture/video of groups of people, or of artwork with people nearby, in a public area that has no specific prohibition against it, without asking permission of all the people that incidentally appear in the shot. However, it is expected that the photographer will exercise good judgment about the content of their photographs/video (such as when someone is disrobed), and will obtain consent whenever possible.
4) Your attendance at WildFire grants consent for any picture or movie that is put in the public domain, taken by you, to be used by WildFire or it’s parent organization (“The Spinning Arts Foundation”). If you wish for this to be withdrawn, please inform any photographers present and an agent of WildFire.
If a photographer/videographer is perceived to be violating these rules or the community trust, they may be confronted by any member of the community. If the problem cannot be resolved, a WF organizer should be notified. Ultimately, any person violating WildFire rules or interfering with another's safety and/or enjoyment of the event may be asked to leave.

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Knives and Firearms
Connecticut state law prohibits carrying knives longer than four inches, open or concealed. It also prohibits automatic and switchblade knives longer than an inch and a half, as well as all stilettos.
No firearms are allowed at WildFire. This applies even to lawfully abiding licensed carry, according to the policy set forth by the venue, June Norcross Webster Scout Reservation. Possession of a firearm at WildFire is grounds for immediate dismissal.

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