Vending at WildFire

At WildFire, vendors are considered teachers. Our goal is to provide a variety of quality spinning arts equipment vendors to educate attendees on what equipment is available and allow them to try and purchase said equipment. WildFire makes no money from vendors.

1. Vendors are not eligible for scholarship tickets, teacher stipends, or any other discounts.
2. We offer up to 2 tickets for purchase per vendor based on the vendor’s size and the event's need for their products. One ticket is strongly preferred. The Vending Organizer will allocate these 1 or 2 tickets to the vendor's WF account, which must be purchased at the normal price no later than 2 weeks before the event. Vendors can buy extra tickets through the regular attendee process if they wish.
3. Vending opportunities are prioritized by spinning and fire arts equipment first and other related items second, such as fire safe performance clothing and accessories. We may not offer vending to non-spinning or costume related vendors.
4. Vendors are required to allow attendees to play with their equipment. They can have just one “tester” of each item if they prefer, but they must allow folks to try everything out.

Arrival / Setup Time - You can arrive as early as Thursday evening at 6 pm and must be set up by Friday at 3pm (event opening time). Breakdown can be as early as Sunday night after dinner, but must be completed by the required attendee departure time on Monday.

Contact Information -

Equipment Storage - There is no storage provided onsite. If you need to leave inventory in your car, you must email and request that your car be allowed to stay near the vendor cabin. You may not park your car near the dining hall except during set up and break down.

Cabin Spaces - There is a shared cabin allocated for vendors. If you would like space in the vendor cabin, email your request to

Vending Space - Since 2015, vending has been outdoors. In order to encourage both the continued growth of WildFire while still facilitating vendors of all scales.

This year of 2018 we at WildeFire came together and are going to vend in the Dining Hall! There was a lot of unpredictable weather last year and we want to engage our attendees with our ever growing vendor area.

Vendor Tables are 6ft x 8ft and will be fee is $0!

If you require a larger size, or have a unique set up, please email

Fee's for additional 6ft x 8ft table $30

Can either use provided table/benches or bring own setup
Vending Setups - Vendors are responsible for bringing their own booth setups. THIS INCLUDES TABLES, CHAIRS, POP UPS, CANOPIES, AND ANYTHING ELSE. *If Applicable* Neither tables nor chairs will be provided by WildFire. Electricity and general lighting will be provided by WildFire. WiFi has been unreliable lately, but cell phone service tends to be very good.

Required Vending Times
1. On Friday evening as people arrive
2. Around or after all meal times
3. Saturday and Sunday between the last workshop and dinner

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