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Executive Director ~ 2017, Elanna Etemad

The Spinning Arts Foundaion Board (SAF)
Chad Bennett, Elanna Etemad, Michael "Mooch" Mucciolo, Adrian Coyne, Kevin Gao, Katie "Pinto" LeBrun and Gray Davidson.

Field/Fire Safety ~ General field and fire safety questions

First Aid ~ Volunteering and General Questions

Greeting Station ~ For greeter questions

Kitchen ~ General Kitchen Questions

Music ~ Questions about the night time field music

Performance Class ~ To volunteer with a 3-7 minute act at the performance class

Teacher Travel Assistance Grants ~ Information about these grants

Art ~ Guidelines for Art for Silk Screen, Dog Tag, Swag

Vending ~ Questions regarding vending

Website ~ Website layout and design questions and suggestions

Workshops ~ Questions, volunteering and information regarding workshops

Video Admin ~ Video and YouTube channel inquiries

General Questions ~ All other questions and suggestions

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